CROWE FIDELIANCE : Synergy of law & numbers !

CROWE FIDELIANCE announces its alliance with DUBAULT BIRI & Associés (DB&A) law firm.

CROWE FIDELIANCE, an independent member of Crowe Global, is active nationwide in the fields of public accounting, auditing, statutory auditing, social management, legal consultancy, information systems consultancy, consolidation, asset management and CSR.

DB&A focuses on all key areas of corporate law, including tax law, business law and litigation, insolvency proceedings, advice and litigation in labour law and social security law.

This move is another example of CROWE FIDELIANCE's determination to respond to current developments and the needs of companies by assisting its clients in resolving their legal and judicial issues. CROWE FIDELIANCE is thus consolidating an offer that is both vertical, by providing valuable services throughout a company's life, and horizontal, by meeting clients' expectations in the areas of accounting, auditing, finance, management, taxation, social security and, in the legal sphere, in consulting, litigation and even mediation.

"This joint venture will enable us to support our clients even further in new assignments and to improve performance of our teams. We decided to work with DB&A because we considered that the firm is well known, but also because of its multidisciplinary approach, commitment of its partners and their involvement in the ecosystem," insists Jean-Luc FLABEAU, President of CROWE FIDELIANCE.

As Véronique Hennequin-Fosse, a partner at DUBAULT-BIRI & Associés, points out, "We appreciate the prospects offered by working with the CROWE FIDELIANCE teams. We will provide them with the legitimacy of a law firm, as well as a boost, particularly with regard to mediation: a rapidly growing mechanism."


CROWE FIDELIANCE is resolutely focused on "client needs". The group is building its strategy around a diversified offer, with a range of multi-professional and innovative services: chartered accountancy, auditing, consolidation, but also asset management, CSR and digital.

CROWE FIDELIANCE currently employs 325 staff and 29 partners. With more than 37 million in turnover and nearly 5,000 clients, it is one of the top 30 independent firms in France. Headquartered in Fontainebleau in the Île-de-France region, the firm counts 19 locations.

CROWE FIDELIANCE is an independent member of the world's 8th largest audit, accounting, and consulting network, Crowe Global, and can support its clients in approximately 130 countries

About DUBAULT-BIRI & Associés

Founded in 1992, the DB&A law firm relies on professionals who are experts in each area of law affecting the life of a company, and whose backgrounds and experience are a guarantee of complementarity, competence, and reliability.

The firm is structured around a dynamic, complementary, and long-standing team of 5 partners: Julien DUPUY, Hervé DUMONT, Nathalie FAUDOT, Véronique HENNEQUIN-FOSSE and Sanja VASIC. Nine staff members work alongside them to help them accomplish their assignments.

With offices in Evry, Massy and Paris, the firm brings together diverse and complementary skills to offer its clients a comprehensive range of services (tax law, business law and litigation, collective proceedings, advice and litigation in labour law and social security law), and the responsiveness required to deal with the legal and judicial needs of its clients.

DB&A is also involved in the amicable dispute resolution process (judicial and conventional mediation, collaborative law) in all areas of its practice

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