In the modern world, IT represents a real performance driver for businesses. It is with this focus that Fideliance set up a unit specialised in this field: Fideliance Digital. Our experienced professionals offer a complete range of services from the IT system management to the complete outsourcing of your entire IT systems.




  • Advice on your IT investments
  • Workstations and network infrastructure installation, coupled with continuous support to ensure secure and reliable IT environment (anti-virus solutions, back-up services…)
  • Information system backup
  • Maintenance planning
  • Accounting and management software guidance
  • IT inventory and IT asset management
  • IT security audit
  • Data integrity audit
  • Infrastructure, policies and operations audit
  • Personal data processing mapping
  • Development of an action plan
  • Drafting of a summary document outlining the measures taken to comply with the RGPD
  • Use or development of data automatisation systems
  • Specifically crafted solutions for a variety of requirements
  • Project management from start to finish
  • Cost-effective pricing adapted to your budget
  • Reliable data migration and test deliverables throughout the project
  • Software and network installations
  • Recovery plans
  • A flexible approach to your business’s needs
  • Implementation of an efficient IT infrastructure to improve business productivity
  • Tailored IT support to ensure that your business succeeds in an ever-changing market
  • The Office 365 package includes many tools and offers advanced configuration interfaces
  • Consult our experts in order to successfully manage the Office package
  • Azure platform management (user administration, groups, distribution lists, external users, ...)
  • SharePoint tool management (collaboration site, communication site, intranet, extranet)
  • One Drive management (Cloud Library)
  • Management of the O365 toolkit
  • Web audit: RGPD compliance, intrusion control, TOP 10 OWASP ...
  • External audit: Cyber-surveillance, information gathering, application and intrusion testing, etc.
  • Internal audit: Active Directory audit, network, Wi-Fi, etc.
  • Password audit: brute-force test, compliance audit ...




Director of Information Systems