Are you a private individual ?

All our clients, whatever their activity, have one thing in common:

As an individual or executive, the obligation to file personal tax and administrative returns. We have therefore created a dedicated service unit to help you navigate this increasingly complex process.



Using our knowledge and experience, we intend to help you benefit from the tax reductions and credits to which you are entitled.

We will propose a series of simulations (attachment, number of shares, alimony, etc.) in an effort to optimise your options.

By working alongside you, we can optimise the declaration of your assets. This can often be the occasion for a more in-depth analysis of your assets over the long term.

We are in permanent contact with specialised players such as private banks, lawyers, or recognised asset management companies in order to advise you on your asset balance, to review, make evolve or pass on your assets. We believe in taking a cautious approach when considering possible options.

We can help you make crucial decisions regarding the social andfiscal status of your company and the form of business structure.We can also assist withaligning your work values to the social framework best adapted to your situation.

We propose a projected calculation of the various retirement or provident pensions to which you may be entitled throughout your life, taking into account the latest legislative and regulatory developments. We analyse with you whether you are sufficiently covered for retirement.



Project timeline

Tax filing exemple:

  • At our initial meeting, we discuss your needs, and you provide us with all the documents required for our mission and for an optimisation search.
  • The tax professional in charge of your file will prepare your tax return. The latter is then checked and validated by a chartered accountant before being filed with the tax authorities.
  • You receive a printed version of your tax return containing the computation of your taxes, a comparison, and a duplicate of your tax return, together with all the supporting documents.



At FIDELIANCE, you deal with a single contact person who handles your entire file.

We use software adapted to each specific situation: possibility of simulating taxes under various hypotheses, comparison of tax and social security regimes for managers, pension and provident funds forecasting, etc.

FIDELIANCE has the experience and knowledge concerning specific regimes arising under international conventions and can assist you with more complex tax returns.

Our teams are kept abreast of tax and social developments through numerous training courses.

FIDELIANCE is firmly established in the local area, which facilitates a fluid dialogue with all the local players, banks, notaries and lawyers.

We provide tools and software to help you manage your business.


As a business owner for many years, I have always relied on Fideliance.Once I ceased my professional activity, it was quite natural that I continued to let Fideliance handle my personal income and wealth tax returns.

A bond of trust has been created between us throughout these years. I am thus not burdened with these formalities and can be confident that I am complying with the tax rules in force, which only a professional tax advisor can follow.

Mr D.B.

64 years old, retired for 2 years



Nicolas POUZET



Céline ROUX

Chartered Accountant
Certified Public Accountant