A multidisciplinary team

Fideliance has a team of well-versed lawyers in the core areas of law who focus on providing legal advice to their clients in a business context. As well as delivering personalised legal service, we offer our clients genuine experience and strive to achieve the best possible outcome.

Our team has a great deal of expertise and can provide efficient and tailored solutions to intricate legal situations, combining several specialisms: tax, employment, and contracts. Our integrated approach ensures that we meet your needs, bring you best-fit solutions and multidisciplinary advice.



Legal counsel

“Best way to ensure that your company complies with all its legal obligations”

Our legal audit team will conduct a detailed evaluation of your company in order to perform a legal audit. This includes an in-depth analysis which enables us to identify any compliance issues with the current legislation and have a clear assessment of your business. A legal audit provides protection for your business, and we can help you make sure existing legal processes are followed and respected.

A legal audit serves to check the legal health of your business and is designed to ensure that you meet all your requirements and obligations.

Our experienced advisors also have the expertise to guide you through the acquisition and restructuring process, ensuring that all legal requirements are met within the target company.

“Make the right choice with our advisory service customised around your individual needs”

Fideliance legal department works closely with a designated chartered accountant from the very beginning of your business creation project. We take time to fully discuss the requirements of your business and support you through the set-up process. To this end, we carefully evaluate which legal structures best meet your needs and the most convenient management method for your business.

Thereafter, we proceed to draft the company's articles of association and carry out various formalities that will allow your business to be registered in accordance with your deadline requirements.

“A permanent legal follow-up tailored to your structure”

Whatever the circumstances or challenges your business faces, we are with you at each of the phases of your business development. When you chose Fideliance, you get a trusted legal advisor dedicated to helping you during the business life cycle and providing personalized guidance to further your opportunities. Your knowledgeable advisor will recommend and assist you with drafting specific legal documents in accordance with the approval of annual accounts requirements. We then proceed to filing these accounts with the registry of the French commercial court, using an online service, thus providing you with a clean framework and peace of mind.

In order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our legal services, Fideliance has invested in digital technology and tools. The use of electronic signature for validation of legal documents is an ideal option for our clients who can sign them anytime and anywhere, quickly and securely. We also offer the possibility of organising meetings by videoconference and the implementation of electronic voting, subject to legal obligations and requirements.

“Tailored legal solutions adapted to your business needs and to the realisation of your project”

We understand the pressures involved in running a business and adapting to a constantly changing and competitive environment. Using our expertise, Fideliance has developed a service dedicated to company restructuring projects. Our legal team supports our clients shoulder to shoulder in challenging circumstances leading to important changes in your company's organisational structure.

We can support you along every step, from conducting due diligence and advising on project preparation, throughout the crucial discussions and negotiations, through to drawing up the necessary legal documents and officialisation.

Our business lawyers will work alongside our employment, taxation, and contract specialists to ensure that you get well-rounded, strategic advice to successfully support you throughout the transaction.

“Delegate your legal tasks and formalities”

Our legal team can help simplify the whole process and is ready to help you deal with the legal complexities on a day-to-day basis. We are happy to provide advice in relation to all aspects of legal task and formalities through the business life cycle and help your business to grow, expand, and succeed.

Ensuring you don’t miss out on any aspect concerning your business, our experts will handle all legal formalities from the formation of a company to its liquidation. Among other things, this includes incorporation of your company and obtaining an extract from the Trade and Industry Registry.

To reflect the changing needs of your business, you will also benefit from our expertise including capital increase, mergers, change of the company’s legal form or more generally, making amendments to your company’s articles of association.

“Expertise in negotiating and formalising commercial relationships”

Drafting legal agreements requires important skills because any business activity of significance will require a legal contract. To protect your business, and to accomplish your goals, our team of twenty lawyers provides sound commercial legal advice and will draft the agreements you need in placeto be in conformance with the requirements of laws and regulations. In addition, we assist and prepare other forms of your business arrangements, including commercial and professional leases, other related specific contracts, business sale and purchase agreements, partnership agreements, general terms and conditions of sale.



A contract of employment is a legally binding agreement between an employer and employee, setting out both the rights and responsibilities of the two parties.More specifically, an employment contract must contain certain terms and conditions which should be carefully reviewed before signing.

Factors to consider when drawing up a contract:

  • Type of contract (permanent, fixed-term, intermittent, etc.)
  • Contractual terms and conditions to formalise the employment relationship (non-compete agreement, mobility clause, benefits in kind, professional expenses, confidentiality, etc.)
  • The choice of collective agreement and specific provisions applicable to the relevant contract
  • Is the planned hire eligible for aid and exemptions from charges?

As each business industry has its own specific characteristics, it is important that you seek advice from experienced professionals who have experience of your industry and business practices. Our team of expert payroll advisors and employment lawyers will use their extensive skills to meet your specific requirements and provide a truly personal service.

Depending on the profile of the recruited employee, it may be necessary to insert special clauses in the employment contracts in order to strengthen the legal safety of the employment relationship.

This may include:

  • a non-competition clause (what conditions must be met to be enforceable?),
  • variable remuneration (details of calculation methods are essential),
  • a company vehicle,
  • forfeiture, exclusivity, or confidentiality,
  • a flat rate pay agreement covering days worked (does the collective agreement allow the use of this type of agreement and under what conditions).

Our legal experts carry out an in-depth analysis of your needs and requirements to best suit the specificity of the job in the interest of your company's development. They can advise you on whether and how to incorporate these specific clauses into your employment contracts when hiring.

There are several reasons why an employment contract may be terminated: either for reasons impacting the company's situation (economic dismissal) or for reasons inherent to the employee (disciplinary dismissal, incapacity, professional inadequacy, etc.).

Alternatively, under certain circumstances, the contract can be terminated by mutual agreement.

Prior to the envisaged termination, the following factors need to be taken into consideration:

  • type of employment contract (permanent contract, fixed-term contract, apprenticeship, professional training, etc.),
  • employee's situation (contract suspension, special protection, seniority, age...) as well as that of your company to initiate the procedure.

Different deadlines and conditions apply to each termination.

Fideliance’s employment lawyers are on hand to help you deal with contractual issues in the workplace. To secure the termination of employments contracts, they will guide you through the process and provide help with drafting the documents required for the procedure.

When faced with a reduction in activity due to economic difficulties, a natural disaster or the economic situation affecting staff employment, you can benefit, under certain conditions, from the partial activity scheme.Partial unemployment is intended for all employees who are eligible for financial assistance if they satisfy certain basic criteria.

Partial activity was instrumental in helping companies to preserve employees' jobs during the economic and social crisis caused by the covid-19 pandemic.

We are on hand to provide advice when it comes to making partial unemployment decisions, as well as guidance and assistance to support you in the preparation of an application for authorisation.At the same time, our teams can help with payroll processing and aid payments under this scheme.

You wish to involve your employees in your company's growth. Whether used as a tool to encourage employee engagement or as a lever for optimising salaries, considering the tax and social security exemptions thatmay apply, employee savings schemes are a solution to consider.

Several legal mechanisms are in place for this purpose and may be implemented separately or in combination: profit-sharing, participation, time-saving accounts, etc.

If you are considering setting up un employee saving scheme, our legal experts can provide detailed information about how share schemes work and their potential benefits to your employees. They will take into consideration your objectives and financial means and propose solutions that meet legal and regulatory requirements regarding the application of advantageous social and fiscal measures.

Employee representation at the workplaceis subject to detailed regulation. Depending on the size of your company, you may be required to set up a Social and Economic Committee (CSE).

This requirement should not be neglected considering the potential consequences for the social management of your company in the event of non-compliance.

Once set up, we provide guidance on how to manage meetings with the CSE and help you address any other issues that may arise in this context.

Do you have questions about compliance with labour obligations?

About good internal practices?

Do you want to change the existing labour rules in your company?

With these considerations in mind, get in touch with our legal team to conduct an overall audit of your company or carry out targeted checks (employment contracts, salaries, social charges, internal agreements, etc.).

By means of observation, analysis, and evaluation, we establish a diagnosis of your company and make recommendations for compliance in the areas of labour law, social protection, and human resources.

The existence of an employment contract brings up a whole range of questions on a daily basis:

  • discipline;
  • working time;
  • the employee’s compensation;
  • employee absence;
  • extra workload…

Our lawyers offer a full range of employment law support services, including implementation, drafting, and formalisation of all your internal documents:

  • memoranda,
  • company agreements,
  • charters or action plans

These agreements require applying certain precautions to ensure compliance with your legal obligations. They can cover different areas: working hours, Sunday work, night work, video surveillance, geolocation, internal regulations, teleworking, right to disconnect, RGPD, etc.

We also have extensive experience of the issues relating to:

  • mandatory posting,
  • Single Occupational Risk Assessment Document (DUERP),
  • gender equality,
  • mutual insurance and provident fund,
  • ongoing training needs ...

Providing you with the full support you need for your daily legal responsibilitiesallows you to quickly resolve issues related to staff management.This means you can focus on the growth of your business, knowing that the important aspects of your organisationare being taken care of.





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