Head of IT

Xavier is head of IT at Fideliance Digital. He protects the group and our clients from viruses, tracks down anomalies and develops new innovative solutions!

Graduate of Software Engineering, he has acquired more than 20 years of experience working for major accounts such as Air France KLM and BNP. Network and security, data analysis, project management, development, methodology (ITIL, Agile) and strategic vision are all areas he excels in. Thanks to Xavier, technology and accounting become one. Since his arrival in 2017, he has been involved in the transformation and redesign of IT within the group and also works on digital transformation projects with artificial intelligence tools.

When Xavier isn't putting his IT skills to good use, he steps away from the screens. Chess player, he also practices running or mountain biking and is expanding his collection of French history coins!


His commitments :


- Member of the IT commission for the Crowe network and ATH

- PowerBI trainer for ATH