Sectorial news

Assurance-emprunteur : pas de résiliation à tout moment !

Les parlementaires ont voté contre la résiliation à tout moment des contrats d’assurance-emprunteur. Toutefois, ils ont amélioré la transparence des informations à destination des emprunteurs.

Publié le 2020-10-23 14:08:00

Cap sur les jours fériés du mois de novembre

Tour d’horizon des règles relatives à la gestion des prochains jours fériés dans l’entreprise.

Publié le 2020-10-23 13:00:00

Refus de renouvellement d’un bail commercial : gare au formalisme !

Le refus de renouveler un bail commercial, exprimé verbalement par le bailleur en réponse à une interpellation d’un huissier de justice, n’est pas un refus valable et est donc sans effet.

Publié le 2020-10-23 11:00:00

5 reasons to put your trust in Fideliance

The firm’s teamsare committed to working for the client’s interests and are trained to bring them a level of service which is both personalised and of the highest quality.

  1. Commitment

    Fideliance’s associates have made a personal commitment to piloting missions entrusted to the firm. By putting their own signatures to them, they commit in terms of their credibility and responsibility, they are 100%involved and promote personal links with the client at every stage of the mission .

  2. Expertise

    Fideliance offers its clients the very highest level of technical expertise, grounded in the experience and know-how of its associates, recruiting talented collaborators and continually training its teams. The associates and collaborators of Fidéliance are, without exception, acknowledged experts in their fields.


  3. Enduring quality

    Since the rapid changes we see in the external environment demand an ever greater degree of adaptability and responsiveness, the auditing and advisory mission can only be effective within an enduring framework. To ensure that our collaborators are always at the heart of our clients’ problematics, Fideliance is committed to keeping stability in its teams, each team dedicated to its own specific missions.


  4. Networking

    As a member of Crowe Horwath, we are in a position to deliver efficient levels of service, thanks to the combination of our own specificities, our expertise, and our deep-rooted convictions in the framework of common endeavour and shared methodology. Networking, in compliance with the Code of Business Practice drawn up by the Statutory Auditors, allows us to perform our missions as a firm integrated into the whole programme of supplying capital needs .

  5. International

    The international missions undertaken by Fideliance are conducted alongside other firms belonging to Crowe Horwath International, located in different countries. Fideliance is, thus, able to ensure for its clients a made-to-measure piloting of missions abroad.