Our values


    Integrity, mutual respect and confidence, diversity, close working relations. We know ourselves and we know our clients, with whom we have forged strong bonds of loyalty and confidence. ‘To protect’ means to treat our clients (just as our partners) on the principle that they have the right to demand the very best from us, placing the person at the heart of our professional relations and making ethics the basis of a code of conduct.

    Anticipation, on-going training, a firm commitment to reach excellence and a quality service. To create value for our clients is paramount, in an ever faster evolving world. By investing, we see ourselves with the means to look far ahead and to innovate, so as to be able to offer a higher quality service to our clients.

    Team work, a common pursuit of opportunities, involvement and shared contribution of corporate vision and strategy. We provide an efficient service that combine our own specificities, our expertise and our convictions in the context of common undertaking and shared methods. Because we feel stronger together, and we are focused to staying true to our beliefs.


    Growth based on a quality service in missions and in financial solidity. We believe that a constant improvement in the quality of our services and in financial solidity are the indispensable basis on which we are able to take control of our future and to accompany our clients with peace of mind and complete independence. To grow, rather than to ‘gross out’, meaning growing together.