Pay and corporate advice

  • We offer you guidance in a way that suits your needs best.

    In each of our sites, our employees are trained to bring you concrete answers and a localized service for drafting your pay slips. Pierrick MOREL, a legal expert in corporate law, will step in to oversee the most complex cases, with the support of our associates on a day-to-day basis.

    Wages, social contributions, apprenticeship tax, professional training, work contracts; thanks to our dedicated experts, managing your HR has never been so easy.

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Management of pay and personnel

  1. Drafting work contracts

    Drafting work contracts requires a fine knowledge of labour laws if one is to choose from among the best options: Permanent contracts or fixed term contracts, as provision is made for them in French law, drawing up trial period clauses, contract renewals, non-competitively clauses…

    Each and every case demands special attention, in line with your own needs, your collective working agreements and the professional profile of each employee.

    We bring our expertise to bear on drafting each contract, paying very special care to exemptions in social charges that you might be able to avail yourself of ( if the right procedures are set in place before signature of contract).

  2. Declarations of employment
    • For each contracted employment, we declare your waged employees to URSSAF [‘Union pour le Recouvrement des cotisations de SécuritéSocialeet Allocations Familiales(‘Union for the collection of social security contributions and family allowances’)], to Workers’ Medical Services and the various pension and provident funds.

      (You should bear in mind that, in the event of any omission here, sanctions are heavy!)

  3. Preparation of pay slips
    • We make our tools available to you (whether in electronic form or hard copy) for you to be able to transmit all the items in the pay documents (holidays, absences, etc.)

    • The pay slips are issued in either electronic or paper form, and we can communicate the pay details to your bank.
    • We are equipped for processing dossiers of every size, no matter how many waged employees are involved.

      Our teams go through regular training sessions to refresh their knowledge of labour law, an area which is evolving all the time in the legal domain.

  4. Processing absences and sick-leave
    • We draw up the wage certificates to be submitted to the Social Security offices and calculate the quota to be paid by the employer.

      As the case maybe, we apply the principle of subrogation for sick days being paid and monitor the exchanges of information made with the social security funding bodies.

      One needs to keep a particularly attentive eye on how to calculate social charges and how they are regulated in the event of them being paid out by the social security funding bodies.

  5. Drafting end-of-contract documents
    • When each contract is brought to an abrupt end (resignation, dismissal, or ending a short-term contract), we draw up the final balance with your waged employee, as well as his work certificate and the certification to be presented to the Job Seekers’ Agency.

      We calculate, to an exact sum, the amount of compensation to be paid out to your waged employees: retirement pay, severance pay, termination by mutual consent, etc…

  6. Social charges and various declarations
    • We take care of the calculations to be made, the declaration to be made and the electronic payments of the social charges to URSSAF and to the various pension and provident funds.

Advice on corporate law

  1. Drafting complex contracts (non-competitivity clauses, per diem payments, variable remuneration, etc.)
    • We advise you on how best and in what way you should draw up specific clauses to be inserted into your employment contracts.
  2. Guidance on a day to day basis
    • A legal expert is there at your disposal to answer any questions that might arise from day to day matters (discipline, working hours, wages…) by phone or by e-mail.
  3. Managing premature end of contract (dismissal, termination by mutual agreement)
    • We will be there to assist you in drawing up and editing documents related to your procedures for prematurely ending a contract (dismissal, termination by mutual agreement)
  4. Laying off staff
    • We will advise you on how best and by what procedures you should implement measures for laying off staff in your company. We will apply for due authorisation from the inspector of works and then see to the allocation of benefits.
  5. Profit-sharing agreements
    • On the basis of feasibility studies, we will guide you in determining a budget to be allocated for profit-sharing and subsequently, on how to prepare the various documents, before you register your final agreement to it.
  6. Professional elections
    • To ensure that you fully comply with your social obligations, we will assist you in preparing your professional elections (staff representatives, works committee).
  7. Social audit (overall or targeted audits)
    • We can carry out an overall audit for your company or proceed to targeted controls (work contracts, wages, social charges, fiscal optimisation).
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