OGECswant to give the educational community the very best material conditions. They need to guarantee this role with a high-quality financial and economic management for educational institutions, in order to act under the best possible conditions. Multiple legal, social or financialservices are there to ensure the economic well-being of these institutions and to allow the decision-making team to come to the best decisions in management and at every level.

  • Your concerns

    • You are the head of the financial management of an institution and wish to have a financial back-up that has solid experience in what is at stake in your particular mission.
    • You are the director of an institution and wish to have a review of your accounts, in order to be assured of their quality.
    • You want to be able to rely on a firm that has specific skillsin pay management, as well as being able to master the particular social and legal framework of an OGEC.
    • You need responsiveness and pragmatism so as to be able to complete the social declarations and fulfil the declarative obligations,on the hour.
    • You’re looking for a statutory auditor who specialises in OGECs in order to have you accounts audited with a view to ensuring their compliance and the quality of your internal controls, as well as your long-term management.
    • You need support in a particular administrative, social, financial, fiscal oraccountingissues and you need to call on the services of a legal adviser or a chartered accountant so as to get the answers you need.
    • You wish to developyour IT system and you need support for implementing an analytic accounting system, the analysis of your internal controls or else someone to accompany you in the change-over of your management software.
  • Our offers

    Our teams intervene in numerous OGECs over every size so as to accompany them in their management. We can intervene in missions with varying ends:

    • Supportand back-up for theBoard of Directorsas to administrative and financial management.
    • General book-keeping with the presentation of end-of-business-year documents: financial statement, profit and loss account, cash flow sheet and the comparison budget versus effective returns.
    • Outsourcingof the pay function in order to facilitate the corporate management of OGECs, in accord with the institution’s strategies.
    • A social audit to control the proper application of social legislation in schools.
    • Astatutory audit which calls on our statutory auditing centre.
    • Forecast management for funding a real estate project.

    Implementation of an analytical accounting that is suited to the chosen criteria.

  • The advantages of FIDELIANCE

    • Humanist values held in common, something essential for developing a relationship based on the long-term.
    • A dynamic firm, appreciated for its scrupulousness and commitment to its dossiers.
    • Asolid basis in experience of managing OGECs and meeting the expectationsof the educational community.
    • A good knowledge of the material conditions that make for the lasting success of a schools educationalproject.
    • An in-depth knowledge of the tools and skills that are specific to the administrative and financialmanagement of these organisations (software fully mastered: Charlemagne, Aplon, Sage,…)
    • Specialised associates, at your disposal to meet your needs at short notice and meet what are often very tight schedules.

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