Would you like to become a franchise?
    Would you like to launch into the creation or purchasing of a franchise?
    Do you have doubts and concerns orquestions?
    We’re there to make life easier and guide you through the crucial stages. Ourservices cover all the stepsin the life of your franchise, from its creation to the development of your business, up to the point where it may be sold.

  • How the mission unfolds

    Example of the opening of a franchise :
    After our first meeting, we apprise our selves of your needs and you will be able to entrust us with all your documents useful in accomplishing our mission. We’ll advice you on the best choices to make: managerial status, for example.
    We’ll accompany you through the procedures for searching for funding with the banks or other public or private bodies and we are able to analyse the forecast data supplied by your franchisor.
    Then, we’ll follow the development of your franchise and can accompany you on a day-to-day basis, as much with regard to your accounting as for your pay services or various tax declarations…
  • The advantages of FIDELIANCE

    •  Humanist values held in common, something essential for developing a relationship based on the long-term.

    •  A dynamic firm, appreciated for its scrupulousness and commitment to its dossiers.

    •  solid basis in experience of managing Works Committees and meeting the expectations of the educational community.

    •  A good knowledge of the material conditions that make for the lasting success of a Works Committee project.

    •  An in-depth knowledge of the tools and skills that are specific to the administrative and financial management of Works Committees.

    • Specialised associates, there to meet your needs at short notice and meet what are often very tight schedules.

    • FIDELIANCE has experience in and a complete mastery of franchises and networksand knows all the difficulties you might encounter over the lifetime of your franchise.

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Our services

  1. Creation or takeover

    Forecasting dossiers, legal, fiscal and financial optimisation in the event of the takeover of a point-of-sales, drafting company articles and legal advice.

  2. Chartered Accounting

    Drawing up your annual financial statement, book-keeping, tax declarations, performance indicators for management and the annual budgets.

  3. Assistance: corporate and pay services

    Drafting the pay slips and social charges declarations, monitoring of holidays, sick leave, drafting of work contracts, drawing up procedures for dismissing staff, assistance and advicein terms of applying workers’ rights…

  4. Development of the franchise

    Advicein terms of financial strategy and human resources….

  5. Transmission

    Assessment dossiers, assistance during the negotiationof how a franchise can be passed on.


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