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The network

Crowe France is a network of independent auditing, chartered accountancy and financial advisory firms. Placed 9th among international networks represented in France, it brings together more than 1,200 professionals who share the same vision, methodologies and common values at the service of their clients.

Combining the local anchoring of well-known firms in their region and their markets with a national network of more than 65 implantations and an international dimension with a worldwide network, Crowe Horwath accompanies all types of structures and organisations in the management and development of their business activities: associations, public bodies, companies, from Small-to-Medium sized to publicly-listed.

The network achieves a turnover of more than 100 M€ thanks to 4 lines of service: auditing, chartered accountancy, financial advice and risk consulting.
9th-ranked world auditing, chartered accountancy and financial advisory networks, Crowe Global brings together almost 200 firms and 684 implantations in almost 120 different countries. It is made up of major independent firms, outstanding in their respective countries.

A member of the Forum of Firms (created at the initiative of the International Federation of Accountants – IFAC), Crowe Horwath International offers, at a local level just as at a worldwide level, a complete range of specialised services in the fields of certification of accounts, managing risk and more generally, accompanying businesses through their whole lifespans.



Lines of service

  • CharteredAccounting and Taxation

  • Auditing

  • Risk consulting

  • Financial advice and corporate finance

The French firms that are members of the network offer their clients

  • A broad range of services, thanks to their experts in the auditing, chartered accountancy, corporate finance and risk consulting fields

  • A regionalised implantation through a network of 67 offices

  • Accompanying  the client across frontiers, since their teams are accustomed to working in an international environment and/orin relation with many  offices at the same time throughout the world

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