Our Auditing Branch is there to meet your every need in terms of a statutory audit, a contractual audit and even in terms of an internal audit or risk management.
A financial audit is the guarantee of a reliable and relevant corpus of financial information. Companies subjected to a mandatory control might be made liable to it either due to their company status or their size.

The following types of companies are obliged to have their accounts certified:

  • The SAs [‘SociétésAnonymes’ (‘Joint Stock Companies’)] and SCA [‘SociétésenCommandite par Actions’( ‘French limited partnerships with share capital )
  • The SAS [‘Sociétés par Actions Simplifiées’(‘Simplified Joint Stock Companies)] which control or are controlled by one or more companies, without threshold levels applying or where two or three of the following thresholds have been exceeded at the closing of the business year:
    -Balance: 1 Million Euros
    -Pre-tax turnover: 2 Million Euros
    -Workforce: 20 employees.
  • Other commercial business’s that meet two of the following criteria:
    -50 employees
    -3.1 Million Euros turnover pre-tax
    -1.55 Million Euros total on the balance sheet.

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In the context of a liberal economy, the strengthening of external controls becomes a veritable asset, all the more relevant for it being carried out by an independent profession that is able to elucidate matters to heads of business through advice and recommendations.

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  • Statutory audit : Statutory Auditors

    The mission of a statutoryaudit involves the implementation over the 6 business years defined by the assignment of the whole process laid down in the professional business norms of the French National Institute of Statutory Auditors. We intervene in the Statutory Auditors’ missions (corporate audits and consolidated accounts) as well as any complementary missions (specific certification, statutory auditing for asset transfers and mergers, statutory auditing for other non-cash considerations, statutory auditing for transformation). Our group is present in in more than 300 auditing assignments in France.

  • The advantages of choosing FIDELIANCE

    • A dynamic firm with experience of more than 20 years, appreciated for its rigour and its commitment to each and every dossier;
    • An in-depth knowledge of the specific tools and skills used in statutory auditing and a masterly grasp of organisation and control measures;
    • Experience in varied business sectors with companies of all sizes;
    • Relevancy in an auditing approach focused on the essential with state-of-the artsectorial skills;
    • The ability to analyse pragmatically even the most complex processed accounts in their true financial context;
    • Ease of communication with the company’s interlocutors and their corporate heads.
  • A contractual audit : Acquisition Audit (Due Diligences) and Vendor Due Diligence

    The missions of a contractual audit or giving advice are the occasion, be it on a one-off or on a regular basis, to deploy the same techniques as in a statutory audit, regardless of whether or not certification of accounts is required.

    We can target and audit a company, validate the durability or the recovery of a company or group of companies, perform missions in auditing assets transfers and mergers, or any other mission where the basis of a reasoned and knowledgeable approach consists in identifying strengths and weaknesses and the ability to take a critical look at past or forecasted accounts.

    We can intervene in matters of modelling, with a view to:

    • Implementing a cash flow plan so as to anticipate profits from investing in a new project.
    • Accompanying you through the preparation of investment plans for big groups, drafted for the internal investment committees.
    • Searching for funding for a project and putting together the communication project to be presented to potential financial investors (partners, banks, etc.)
  • The advantages of choosing FIDELIANCE

    • Solid experience with financial models and what investors and public bodies might expect from you.
    • A dedicated team that is available and reactive so as to meet those deadlines, often very tight when it comes to strategic missions in your core business.
    • Associates specialised in their key sectors: renewable energy sources, heavy industry, information technology, etc.


  • Risk management (diagnostics for information procedures and systems)
  • Implementation of procedures (editing, assistance in implementation)
  • Auditing of compliance with internal control procedures
  • Auditing/Diagnostics of information systems
  • Anti-fraud auditing
  • IT Assistance for the Statutory Auditors

    Assessment of the internal controls on the workings of the IT system and an assessment of:

    • Reliability
    • Security
    • Durability

    Evaluation of applications.

    Contractual auditing

    • Evaluation of the IT function in your company
    • A detailed analysis of its applications
    • Proposals for taking corrective measures

    For more information: please contact Christian GABENESCH

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