Advice to heads of companies

  • A head of company needs to be accompanied and advised on a day-to-day basis, in order to optimise his fiscal, corporate and assets situation, from the very moment of setting up his business to its transferal.

    We intervene at every key stage in the life of a company to help its head in every strategic decision to do with their assets.

    Together, we build an efficient, workable future for you and your business.

Support for company heads

  1. Income tax declaration

    It is our wish that you take full advantage of the tax breaks and credits you are entitled to, by drawing on our know-how and our experience.
    Aided by IT tools to make your options that much clearer to grasp, we offer you simulations (allocations, fiscal shares, maintenance payments etc. .) with the aim of optimising it all.

  2. French Declaration of Personal Assets (Wealth Tax)

    We assist you to optimize the declaration of your personal assets. It is often an occasion to reflect in depth on your long term future.

  3. An assets-based approach

    To take stock, to develop, to transfer assets, we are there to advise you on how your assets are balanced, staying in permanent contact with specialised players:  private banking, lawyers or agents specialised in asset management. We put caution before all else.

  4. Optimisation of company status and remuneration for the company head

    Giving your work its true worth in the social context, one which is adapted to your personal situation, choosing the type of company, choosing the best fiscal and corporate status are important decisions that need to be made: we can see them through with you.

  5. Financial statement for pensions and provident funds

    By integrating the very latest legislative and regulatory developments, we offer you a forecasted calculation of the various pensions and provident funds you might be able to avail yourself of, over the whole course of your life. We will analyse the situation with you, to see if you have an adequate providential cover.

Support in seeing through company strategies

Assisting the company head in making strategic choices in order to ensure the longevity of his company.

  1. Analysis of what exists

    Structures and activities of the company
    Commercial, administrative and accounting functions
    Analysis of human, material and financial resources
    Summary of strengths and weaknesses

  2. Study of the strategies best suited to the company’s objectives

    Diversification of activities

  3. Assistance in choosing among the strategic options

    Company strategy
    Investment strategy
    Other strategies…

  4. Providing guidance in implementing the plan

    Accompanying you during the activation phase of your strategic plan

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