VSB and Liberal professions

  • Very Small Businesses [TPE’s= Très Petites Entreprises] – Liberal professions

    Our solutions

    Are you at the head of a ‘Very Small Business’ [TPE] or do you practise a liberal profession?
    Fideliance can guide you in a way that will lighten all the administrative and accounting tasks you are faced with. That way, you’ll be able to concentrate on your core business activity, without having to worry about the day-to-day administrative affairs.

    Our solutions are tailor-made for you.

  • How the mission unfolds

     Example of a mission for a ‘Very Small Business’ [TPE]:
    From our first meeting, we take into account your needs and you will be able to trust us with all the documents that will be useful in guiding our mission and looking for optimal solutions. We’ll discuss your needs with you, so as to decide on what type of guidance best meets your wishes.
    Then, an interlocutor will be assigned to you, the same throughout the whole procedure, who will look after yourdossier and advice you on: taxation, finances, social and corporate matters…
    Depending on your needs, he or she might move in the direction of making a financial balance of your business and your tax declarations, as a way for you to be free and to concentrate your efforts on your core activity.
  • The advantages of FIDELIANCE

    •  At FIDELIANCE, you will relate to your one interlocutor, who’ll be there to manage your dossier from beginning to end.

    •  Ourteamsare permanently updating their knowledge of changes in tax and social or corporateregulations, thanks to their numeroustraining sessions.

    •  We deploy software that is adapted to each and every problematic: the possibilityof simulatingtax demands within differing hypotheses,the  comparison of various tax and social systems for executives, forecasting pensions and prudential schemes…

    •  FIDELIANCE is well implanted locally, something which makes for dialogue with all the local players, the banks, notaries, firms of lawyers, and so on….

    •  FIDELIANCE has experience and grasp of all the systems that are specificto international agreements, so that we can help you even in the most complex declarations.

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Our services


    You can have access to CEGID CWE so as to be able to:

    • Manage your accounting on line
    • Store your documents with complete security
    • Get hold of performance indicators so as to monitor your business.
    • We draw up your annual accounts and area able, at your request,to draft a mid-term balance.
    • Drafting your tax declaration (VAT, tax returns, etc.)
    • Drafting your social contribution declaration for  self-employed
    • Back-up from our legal department
    • Analysis and optimisation of your individual social cover
    • Access to tax and social news: newslettersand the Expert-Infos magazine


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